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That said, a core of such universal appeal is unlikely to go beyond very basic judgments, and those, either severally or collectively, would have to be otiose, contributing nothing, or very little, toward the moral enlightenment of the moral agent.
Where reasons and justifications are expected, loyalty becomes conditional; and where a relationship is regarded as so intense as to collapse the two parties into a single self, loyalty is otiose. Philosophers, of course, are professionally prone to offering explanations, so perhaps it is not surprising that they should have omitted discussion of so irrational a commitment.
The objection I defend shows that authorial intentions are surplus or otiose. In the second section, I advance one version of moderate hypothetical intentionalism as a positive alternative.
otiose. Hence, arguments about the scope of the grants of power in s 51
Section 96 does not exactly render such restrictions otiose, but it makes them relatively impotent.
The best short stories so completely evoke mood, situation, setting and the subtle veillities of the human psyche, that they seem to render long-form fiction otiose. Of course, 25 years and 10 novels further down the line I feel slightly different about this; now I think the two forms are simply different - novels aim to be complete worlds - attempted homomorphs either of this world (whatever that may be), or some other.
When Groupon filed for its initial public offering in 2011, it boldly de-clared "we don't measure ourselves in conventional ways." When Groupon introduced financial indicators such as "adjusted consolidated segment oper-ating income," or adjusted CSOI, the investment community, as well as the SEC, severely criticized Groupon 'for its use of non-GAAP measures and suggested the company was conceited and otiose.
Even back then, that was a misleading and increasingly otiose characterisation between social democrats.
As will be apparent, not all the essays are of equal importance and there are some significant omissions and some rather otiose inclusions.
Effectively beaten at their own game, since the man in the White House hadn't stopped being a movie star--as his biographer Lou Cannon put it, he'd landed the role of a lifetime--Hollywood liberals felt newly otiose, and so did the liberal audience.
Her book was originally titled A Miner's Wife, an otiose description since King Arthur took his crown elsewhere.
It follows that David McQuoid-Mason's fascinating and indeed erudite discussion about the relevance of the Limitation Clause in the Constitution and about comparisons with English law, and indeed section 10(c) of the Principal Act, all become otiose.