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But now, on the one hand, if we can know work-meaning independently of artistic intentions, then, contra actual intentionalism, those intentions are surplus or otiose and are not needed in order to know work-meaning.
As Freidenreich observes, the Quran asserts that these Jewish food rules are of divine origin, but they are otiose for Muslims.
If the life of discursive reasoning toward intelligible first principles is endlessly choiceworthy for one person, there is no reason that the participation of an intellectual equal should be otiose.
Even back then, that was a misleading and increasingly otiose characterisation between social democrats.
As will be apparent, not all the essays are of equal importance and there are some significant omissions and some rather otiose inclusions.
Consequently, the charge that philosophical sexism would not benefit the forebears such as Simone de Beauvoir from the point of view of posterity is otiose.
Her book was originally titled A Miner's Wife, an otiose description since King Arthur took his crown elsewhere.
If the sole criterion upon which the validity of a trust is to be determined is to be the face of the document itself, then one of the three certainties necessary for the creation of a valid trust, intention, could be rendered otiose if some form of writing has been used to create the trust.
And a Victims' Commissioner would be otiose if judges' hands were not tied behind their back by the Sentencing Guidelines Council, which is seemingly hell-bent on not jailing anyone.
The proximity of the death throes of others drowns the question "What am 17," makes it otiose.
Because neither is either, the statement, though otiose to some, is a necessary drumbeat.