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When there has been an ousting by players, where has it worked?
Morsi has been kept by the Egyptian army at an undisclosed location since his removal on July 3, and the family has had no chance to contact him since his ousting.
IF the people of Iraq had put in half as much effort ousting Saddam Hussein as they are putting in to oust the Americans and Coalition troops there would've been no need to go to war.
He continued to insist that his ousting was unconstitutional.
The Agency didn't play a lead role in ousting Milosevic.
Marches planned for two-year anniversary of Mubarak ousting
The denouncement was posted shortly after the Egyptian military announced it was ousting Morsi, who was Egypt's first freely elected leader but drew ire with his Islamist leanings.
The ousting of Mohammed Dahlan, for years Fatah's strongman in the Gaza Strip, and the splits it has revealed, could damage the movement's standing in unity talks with its rival faction, Islamist Hamas.
country that ousting Qaddafi was very important for the security of both
Speaking at the press conference, Tekebayev said that recent riots that led to ousting of Kyrgyz government has brought a historic change in the country.