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When the Professor saw Mina a smile, a positive smile ousted the anxiety of his face.
The motor-cars that went by northward and southward grew more and more powerful and efficient, whizzed faster and smelt worse, there appeared great clangorous petrol trolleys delivering coal and parcels in the place of vanishing horse-vans, motor-omnibuses ousted the horse-omnibuses, even the Kentish strawberries going Londonward in the night took to machinery and clattered instead of creaking, and became affected in flavour by progress and petrol.
Let us oust the present owners of the wonderful machines, and let us own the wonderful machines ourselves.
Petro Gazz ousts Motolite to take top spot !-- -- Luisa Morales ( - June 29, 2019 - 7:22pm SAN JUAN, Philippines The Petro Gazz Angels secured the No.
Supreme Court ousts Sereno by granting quo warranto petition of SolGen Calida.