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Yet the Abbot Berghersh was a man of too firm a grain to allow one bold outbreak to imperil the settled order of his great household.
she asked, with an outbreak of contemptuous surprise, "to attract such a woman as I am?
The warning of a coming outbreak began to show itself in her face.
Hercules could not have resisted a similar outbreak of enthusiasm.
While I was still vainly trying to establish order, I heard a frightful yelling on the other side of the courtyard, and at once ran towards the cries, in dread of finding some new outbreak of the pillage in that direction.
In over 3 million sequence analyses of all the data on the Pubmed database of over 16 million proteins, for a total of 41 outbreaks by 16 virus strains, all outbreaks were found to be preceded by a statistically significant increase in Replikin Count.
The country's standardized federal system for recording data on foods implicated in disease outbreaks, BELA, helped identify a specific food product in 33 of the 73 outbreaks.
Since 1973, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has collected data on foodborne disease outbreaks submitted by all states, the District of Columbia, and US territories through the Foodborne Disease Outbreak Surveillance System.
Outbreaks linked to unpasteurized milk are common and can lead to severe illness, a recent study found.
Daniels and co-authors (2002) examined outbreaks occurring in school settings from 1973 through 1997 and findings from that study indicate that 14 viral outbreaks were reported.
Outbreaks caused by the pneumococcus strain of bacteria are extremely rare and this outbreak was the first of its kind involving children in a school to be reported in the UK.
WASHINGTON -- Publication bias creates a skewed picture of the true prevalence of restaurant-associated food-borne disease outbreaks in the United States, and this can lead to misdiagnosis, said Dr.