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While Chandri's is the main role in this symbolic capacity, Belli, the outcaste woman who fires Shripati's lascivious tendencies, puts in a supporting performance as well.
Gurram goes on to explain the pain and agony of the outcaste sons of Arundhati (a dalit woman whom a Brahmin married) as follows:
Various - Tango Club (Stimulus) From the world music wing of the leading Asian clubbing label, Outcaste, comes this peculiar dance compilation.
In 1995, the record label and club Outcaste became one of England's first Asian-only endeavors.
And if you can't make it, you can get a taste of what you're missing by checking out the fabulous album, Futuro Flamenco, compiled by Martin for Outcaste Records.
He is speaking on behalf of God, who is rejecting the offerings from those who have outcaste their own fellow beings.
Major themes--violence, East vs West, caste and outcaste, Partition, family relationships--are traced through Gandhi's life.
Shri became a key member of the small stable of artists on Outcaste records, the label that put the 'Asian Underground' on the map.
Police said he was lynched because his status as an "Untouchable" -- or an outcaste, considered the lowest social strata in India -- meant that he was not allowed to use the same pump as his neighbors.
Boyhood homosexual insults place all men at risk of being positioned outside of the male peer group and thus receiving an outcaste identity.