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It is isolated as an outcaste by other birds, similar to the discrimination of dalits by the upper caste people.
White Margaret marries Chacko, divorced Ammu finds love in an outcaste, Baby Kochamma decides to live out her life as a spinster, Mammachi sets up her own business and finally Rahel exerts her voice to narrate the tale.
They contrast their own educational experience with that available to society's most outcaste members and understand the value of prison education and philosophy in prisons.
But, more important, it is only with distance and time that I have come to understand the complex meanings of this aesthetic, that imitating the film music vocal quality may symbolize upward class mobility for these young women, especially those from the Dalit or former outcaste groups.
45) Transgressions of this norm would carry heavy consequences for her: from an a-casted (which, as we will see below, makes status negotiation possible) she would became an outcaste, an Untouchable, the lowest status ascribed by Hinduism to a member of society.
In the early days when Thailand did not have proper understanding of AIDS, she was treated like and outcaste.
Various - Tango Club (Stimulus) From the world music wing of the leading Asian clubbing label, Outcaste, comes this peculiar dance compilation.
In 1995, the record label and club Outcaste became one of England's first Asian-only endeavors.
And if you can't make it, you can get a taste of what you're missing by checking out the fabulous album, Futuro Flamenco, compiled by Martin for Outcaste Records.
He is speaking on behalf of God, who is rejecting the offerings from those who have outcaste their own fellow beings.
But that was later, and for now, those legs are painfully bony sticks, another badge of the outcaste, something else wrong with her and another tiny indignation in that larger violation of being Black in Queensland.