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For other criteria, particularly outcome criteria such as the extent to which the process met the public interest and whether the process was superior to alternative methods of planning, stakeholder perceptions are less reliable.
A study was included if it met the population and outcome criteria noted and was a placebo-controlled randomized trial evaluating ipratropium bromide (by nebulizer of meter-dose inhaler) as an adjunct to [Beta]-agonist therapy.
Physicians may have to work where they are needed based on management and population-based outcome criteria.
Kay discussed, in his paper, "Selection and Outcome Criteria for Community-Based Employment: Perspectives, Methodological Problems and Options", how TBI rehabilitators should not pick up whatever tool is closest at hand" in the rehabilitation of the TBI, but should custom tailor the cognitive retraining to the individual.
It would be foolish to call for the abolition of outcome criteria but it is not foolish to call attention to unrecognized flaws in the process, as have experts in, for example, educational testing, who are themselves responsible for generating such criterial systems: "Our tests may appear to be unbiased, not because they are genuinely unbiased, but because at least some of our criteria share the biases of the predictors" (Sternberg 1996: 214).
Further study of outcome criteria is needed to determine the true effects on quality patient care of a critical pathway for mastectomy patients.
In the first year, teachers spent a total of three days at mandated language and mathematics inservices, examining outcome criteria and methods of collecting information to evaluate student progress.
Standard setting involves structure criteria (the resources necessary to complete the task successfully), process criteria (the actions to be taken to achieve the desired results), and outcome criteria (the desired effect or results stated in measurable ways).
Objective outcome criteria in trials of anti-parkinsonian therapy in the elderly: reliability, sensitivity and specificity of measures of brady- or hvpokinesia.
The first phase, which we shall call guidance for occupational choice and adjustment, employed subsequent career states and events as outcome criteria.
Vocational rehabilitation should give greater emphasis to the older worker as part of its mission and will need to include: a) better training of counselors with regard to the older person; b) more creative use of jobs, scheduling along the lines proposed by the Rupert paper), and a review of current closure guidelines and outcome criteria to allow greater flexibility for reporting success; and c) increased utilization of Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act (Independent Living) when Title I (Vocational Rehabilitation Services) is not appropriate, so that an array of services or options is available to older persons.
Appropriate outcome criteria need to be defined in order to establish reasonable integration goals for people with head injury.