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Research regarding problem-solving courts generally falls into three categories: process evaluations, outcome evaluations and cost-effectiveness evaluations.
The outcome evaluation is for assessing the degree to which the proposed program outcomes are being achieved.
During development of an outcome evaluation for Girl Time: Healthy Sexuality Program for Grade 7/8 Girls (Girl Time; Rye et al.
This article outlined the implementation issues in executing an outcome evaluation using a simple correlational design: take a baseline measure at intake; introduce the EAP intervention; take a second measure around 90 days later; conduct an analysis and produce a report.
Evaluation of effectiveness of the practice change should address both the extent to which the practice change actually was implemented and extent to which the desired outcome was achieved, that is, both process and outcome evaluation.
When people think of evaluation, outcome evaluation is typically what they have in mind.
Moreover, current pre-registration education in Australia does not prepare nurses for primary care while postgraduate education is piecemeal, not comprehensive nor consistent across the country and also lacks quality assured outcome evaluation.
To evaluate the effectiveness of this multilevel counseling model, different strategies including objective outcome evaluation, subjective outcome evaluation, and qualitative evaluation were adopted.
A science-based, outcome evaluation of these programs revealed that overall drug use was reduced from 92 percent of targeted patients to 10 percent and methamphetamine abuse was reduced from 90 percent to 10 percent (pre- and post treatment).
Three awards up to $1,000 each for projects focusing on research utilization studies, CQI projects or outcome evaluation studies.
Track progress through a variety of process and outcome evaluation measures.
A scoring program utilising Australian normative data, Clinical Outcome Evaluation System, is also available.