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Main features: supply of an unglazed outcry van for the port of colmar-neuf / brisach.
Who can reveal there was an outcry against them lining up?
BEIRUT: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour Wednesday responded to an outcry from the family of a toddler who fell 12 meters and was rushed to hospital in the Akkar district town of Halba.
'That is my worry, that this will not stop because there is no outcry, there is no moral outcry from the citizens,' he said.
After an outcry, his firm said no patient would be denied it but campaigners said this was not enough.
Greg Abbott and others thought the Obama administration had an efficient method of screening out potential terrorists from the refugees coming in, there would not be an outcry to deny them entry, writes state Rep.
The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) has dropped a controversialA nominationA for itsA Human of the Year AwardA following a public outcry.
Indeed, the world-renowned exchanges continue to operate, albeit as largely computer-assisted operations rather than under the anachronistic "open outcry" system that had prevailed for 167 years.
THERE was a loud outcry at the prospect of seven Cardiff libraries closing, which resulted in the council agreeing to a stay of execution for 12 months.
Imagine the international outcry and howls of denunciation if three students were killed by a Muslim.
Helge Lund, who is joining after a decade at Norwegian energy giant Statoil, takes charge after the group sidestepped the threat of a shareholder revolt in the wake of an outcry over his pay package.