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The Missouri twister was so calamitous that, despite modern warning systems, it outdid the Central Massachusetts one in its death toll; and also outdid the Flint, Mich.
Last week, the Cal State Northridge senior outdid even herself, pulling down a school (Division I) record 21 rebounds and scoring 15 points in the Matadors' victory over Santa Clara.
In "How the United States Reversed Its Policy on Bombing Civilians" Sherwood Ross unravels the chain of events that led the United States away from its original, principled opposition to terror bombing and to the deliberate practice of this atrocity in a way that outdid the Axis.
The Japan-born couple, known for rigorous butoh-influenced duets, outdid themselves in this revamped version of Tree Song, a work first shown at the 2003 American Dance Festival.
Hodgkin can be a subtle colorist even in bright pictures--Memories, 1997-99, is a good example-but this context made it awfully hard to see that; paintings that matched the coloristic sobriety around them (Autumn Foliage, 1998-99) or even outdid it (Dirty Mirror, 2000) looked best here.
In November 2000, Moore outdid himself, by far, giving $5 billion to create the nation's seventh largest charitable foundation to finance higher education, science and medical research and environmental causes.
Anyway, Will outdid Jodie in a more important way: His show is truly funny.