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The simple, yet illuminating, example of an object thrown at an upward angle failing to outdistance an object thrown horizontally at the same speed, helps students gain better conceptual, as well as calculational, understanding of the physics underlying two-dimensional projectile motion.
Flu vaccines could help those runners outdistance the flu viruses.
Look for Lincoln sales to further outdistance Cadillac, especially with the launch of the Lincoln LS and innovative products like Lincoln Blackwood in the pipeline.
to outdistance other UNIX providers by improving system service and support.
Interviewed for BE's 25th Anniversary Issue, Fudge said at the time that if large corporations wanted to outdistance their competitors, they would have to open the executive doors to African Americans.
Microwave popcorn is especially popular, continuing to outdistance unpopped and ready-to-eat in sales and tonnage.
Ronald Reagan had his critics, among them were those who begrudgingly acknowledged him to be "the great communicator." The former president was able to allay fears, quiet impatience and outdistance critics with the power of language.
To explain their results, the Air Force physicists hypothesize that the new repulsive force is stronger than its attractive counterpart at close range; but at a longer range, the attractive force can outdistance the other and dominate.
"There's definitely that fun factor," said Stevenson coach Doug Lillydahl, whose Patriots made it a three-peat by amassing 244.5 points to comfortably outdistance runner-up Plainfield (200.5).
A day later, he and boat partner Kirk Hartman (Chatfield, Texas) rolled to the bank competition title, catching 26.19 pounds to easily outdistance angler Gary Holland (Oklahoma City) and boat partner Glenn Davis (Desoto, Texas).
The Irish scored 431.5 points to outdistance Grants Pass by almost 100 points.
The International Franchise Association's Franchise Development Research brochure did more than attract participants to seminars designed to help them increase market share and outdistance the competition.