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Keen not be outdone, Gaga, also 26, replied: "Ummmm are those my earrings?
Not to be outdone, Clinton is said to be pushing her L.
Not to be outdone, SmokeFree Wisconsin began warning that after five minutes of exposure, "your body starts closing off arteries.
LOS ANGELES -- Not one to be outdone by the high-end automobiles bought by other pro skaters, Rob Dyrdek has built a full-sized, fully-functioning AT-AT (all-terrain armored transport) of Star Wars fame.
Honda has outdone itself with the radically transformed 2006 Civic.
Dov, not to be outdone, has conjured up the human magnet for every bore on the planet to drop on Peez.
had outdone Nippon Life at the end of last September.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has outdone himself.
Elinsky has outdone himself in this work, don't miss it it is well worth you time.
Wilmore and Costill have outdone themselves in producing a well-organized and all-inclusive text which enables the reader to logically build a foundation of knowledge about exercise physiology, starting with the most basic parts of the muscle fiber.
Not to be outdone by his opponent (see "Kerry's Race-baiting" in our August 9 issue), President Bush asked during his July 23 address to the National Urban League Conference in Detroit: "Does the Democrat Party take African American voters for granted?
Not to be outdone, two natives of India turned loyal Americans, Dinesh D'Souza (enthusiastically) and Famed Zakaria (a bit less enthusiastically), have been busy endorsing their former colonial masters.