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Keen not be outdone, Gaga, also 26, replied: "Ummmm are those my earrings?
Wilmore and Costill have outdone themselves in producing a well-organized and all-inclusive text which enables the reader to logically build a foundation of knowledge about exercise physiology, starting with the most basic parts of the muscle fiber.
Not to be outdone by his opponent (see "Kerry's Race-baiting" in our August 9 issue), President Bush asked during his July 23 address to the National Urban League Conference in Detroit: "Does the Democrat Party take African American voters for granted?
Not to be outdone, two natives of India turned loyal Americans, Dinesh D'Souza (enthusiastically) and Famed Zakaria (a bit less enthusiastically), have been busy endorsing their former colonial masters.
Not to be outdone Madonna also dressed down looking like a mum from a Bisto's ad apart from her spiked boots.
forces have arrested only five indictees, outdone even by their notoriously passive French counterparts, who, with much assistance from the Germans, were involved in six.
Keegan, "a miracle goal," said Tel, not wanting to be outdone.
Finch's pecan put up a good fight through various bouts with insects and bad weather but was finally outdone by sheer determination and a taller trunk.
However, while his mistake was outdone by Chelsea keeper Carlo Cudicini's error in handing an open goal to Defoe, midfielder Don Hutchison returned the favour to substitute Mikael Forssell.
Not to be outdone by the French, the who's who of Italian society favors this spot.
Not to be outdone, Boca competitor Yves Veggie Cuisine, known for its smashing, bring-on-the-mustard-and-sauerkraut meatless weiners, has come out with its own version.
Not to be outdone, Banco Santander acquired Grupo Financiero Serfin to retain regional leadership with $85 billion in assets.