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The mode at the outer boundary sensitively depends on the thermal resistivity at the contact surface between PT and CT.
Equation (4) can be applied to bounded reservoirs (outer boundary condition: [mathematical expression not reproducible], where [r.sub.e] is the radial extent of reservoir and [P.sub.e] is the pressure of outer boundary) or infinite-acting reservoirs (outer boundary condition: [mathematical expression not reproducible], where [P.sub.i] is the initial reservoir pressure).
From the reflected echoes striking the inner and outer boundary layers, the wall thickness is determined.
Trim the outer boundary to right and left outer boundary circle centers [O.sub.Rc] and [OL.sub.c] respectively, which are located at the end of link [a.sub.2] or [a.sub.3].
"We consulted on different options for the outer boundary in the last consultation and there was a lot of objection from communities to the preferred tighter boundary.
The terrorists had also made holes in outer boundary wall and were making efforts to enter the base.
The court's holding cautioned that George's detention was at the "outer boundary" of what is permissible under the Fourth Amendment, and "much of the concern that justified his detention dissipated" after agents determined he wasn't carrying weapons or explosives.
The slip condition used at the outer boundary implies that normal velocity component and normal gradient of all other flow quantities are zero.
Some of obvious advantages of this method are due to their potential possibility to reduce the solution of the inner boundary value problem to a summation of rapidly convergent series, while periodic boundary conditions on the outer boundary are satisfied automatically due to periodicity of the fundamental solution.
From the geometric point of view, the outer boundary of the WSN is the minimal closed curve enclosing the graph G(V,E) but not enclosing any other closed curve that encloses the graph G(V, E); similarly, an inner boundary of the WSN is the maximal closed curve enclosing a hole of the graph G(V, E) but not being enclosed by any other closed curve that encloses the same hole.
More interestingly, the isothermal lines are more concentrated near the outer boundary as anisotropy increases, which accords well with the prediction of the theoretical equation [mathematical expression not reproducible].

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