outer boundary

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We consulted on different options for the outer boundary in the last consultation and there was a lot of objection from communities to the preferred tighter boundary.
The terrorists had also made holes in outer boundary wall and were making efforts to enter the base.
The proposed scheme contains three processes: Outer Boundary Detection, Inner Boundary Detection and Representing Sensor Node Selection.
The remaining energy leaves the system through the outer boundary.
The Deeside zone's outer boundary will cover the proposed Deeside Growth Zone and the Airbus facility at Broughton.
While videographing the route to Raksha Bhawan, I had also videographed the outer boundary wall of Prime Minister's residence," Headley's interrogation report said.
According to officials, the oil refinery has been shut down completely after floodwaters reached its outer boundary wall.
However, the localization of eyeball or the iris outer boundary is more difficult since it is not sharp and clear as the inner boundary, and due to the occlusion caused by eyelashes and eyelids.
Lastly, all new development will take place within the boundaries of a sand belt that will be the outer boundary of development to prevent urban sprawl.
The outer boundary conditions impose the applied pressure difference and the fluid velocity through the system outer boundary.
The US$5 million, five-story building on Wilson St, Condado's outer boundary, will have 12 apartments costing from $560,000 to $1.

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