outer limit

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Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, during the extensive discussions held, had requested the Brazil Navy and its hydroelectric experts for technical assistance in the delimitation of the outer limit of the island's continental shelf, extending from South of Sri Lanka.
Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) Wednesday, says the outer limit of the country's continental shelf in the East China Sea extends to the Okinawa Trough.
The Bench also expressed displeasure against the Centre for not mentioning the outer limit for completing auction.
However, that problem has been solved with the new Blood Vane from Outer Limit Archery.
60) Certain additional cut-offs may apply; for example, on submarine ridges the outer limit may not exceed 350 nautical miles from baselines.
Guehenno said that while he acknowledged "the enormous plight of the people in Darfur," the United Nations was "reaching the outer limit of peacekeeping.
An amber light warns operators the strip is approaching an outer limit of the flatness standard that has been programmed.
The 20 percent share of the electricity production in Denmark is near the outer limit of wind power's potential, but even raising the current 1 percent share in the U.
Pio Nono, in fact, emerges as the key villain, both real and symbolic, of the book: an ignorant, petulant-when-not-hysterical power-monger (he once made a group of liberal German bishops kiss his shoe in obeisance), Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti represents for Wills something like the outer limit of obscurantism and duplicity, culminating in his rigged definition of papal infallibility at the First Vatican Council.
15), while Outer Limit, who was just touched off at Chepstow last time, can repeat his course win earlier in the season in Towcester's Protravel Handicap Hurdle (3.
Rhagaas will be all the rage for the opening race on the card but my preference is for Peter Chapple-Hyam's Outer Limit.
As UIf Gronvold remarked, the houses touch on Fehn's preoccupation with the horizon and the mythical nature of the north: 'We can still experience the horizon encircling us as the outer limit of the world.