outer line

See: limit
References in classic literature ?
He was still hesitating at the outer line of the trees, when he heard a loud, imperative voice, calling from the front of the cottage, "Now, Mr.
Between these outer lines and the main Cordillera, a succession of level basins, generally opening into each other by narrow passages, extend far to the southward: in these, the principal towns are situated, as San Felipe, Santiago, San Fernando.
Contract award notice:Reconstruction of the outer line v509
The opening salvo has taken down the president's outer line of defence.
Rails Rails on all bends are positioned on the outer line.
Give your lips a little bit of outer line, tap a lipstick then you're ready to go.
has a broad and blackish transverse outer line, which is not present in S.
The electromagnetic coupling between the inner line and outer line of the Blumlein line is also described by (3).
The boundary is the outer line which encircles a cricket field; it demarcates the space in which the game is played like the fence and foul lines of a baseball diamond.
Fold a tissue in four and use as a guide to get the outer line straight.
Now plot your score on the wheel (center = 0; outer line = 10) and connect the dots to see a helicopter view of your life.