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The international community should avoid the mistakes made in the case of chemical weapons and preclude the possibility of weaponizing outer space, she told delegates.
Specific definitions of what physical properties or specific functions an object in outer space contains would be too specific considering all the potential technological developments that might arise.
The most relevant legal precedent in these areas is the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which laid the groundwork for international law in space and to which 102 countries are now party.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to work with the international community in preventing militarization of the outer space, he added at the meeting.
Russia and China are unlikely to sign this document, which means military confrontation in outer space will intensify," Zaitsev warned.
Asked how he prayed in the outer space, he replied: "Although there is no way of knowing the Qiblah, you can pray in any direction while you are floating.
Outer space cooperation will be one of the areas of cooperation in the so-called "ASEAN-Japan 10-year Strategic Economic Cooperation Roadmap," which the ministers are expected to endorse at the meeting.
In 2008 scientists sent the suitcase-sized Expose-E experiment package to the Space Station filled with organic compounds and living organisms to test their reaction to outer space.
I have the wish and ability to fly to the Outer Space, and this wish needs efforts and possibilities to support such project; and I hope the Iraqi government to support me to achieve my dream to pass the Earth atmosphere and reach to the Outer Space," Farid Lafta told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Galactica, my girl from outer space We walked one day in the earthly rain When much to my surprise She started to disintegrate Before my very eyes She began to smoke And her voice began to crack Then she said to me Earth (she called me Earth) I'm never coming back So I said goodbye to my girl Galactica She was my girl from Outer Space.
Tunisia's ambassador in Vienna extended, on the occasion, thanks to the committee for its decision, reasserting Tunisia's attachment to peace and security in the world and its commitment to support the principle of peaceful use of outer space.