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OUTFIT. An allowance made by the government of the United States to a minister plenipotentiary, or charge des affaires, on going from the United States to any foreign country.
     2. The outfit can in no case exceed one year's full salary of such minister or charge des affaires. No outfit is allowed to a consul. Act of Cong. May 1, 1810. s. 1. Vide Minister.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Very lucky to get such a bunch of specialities into one outfit."
Half the time is wasted over the cooking by one of you that he might be puttin' in packin' outfit. If I do the cookin' for you, you all'll get on that much faster.
Young Liverpool is ahead with the main outfit. He's got a say so, and he isn't here to say it."
With thousands of men, each back- tripping half a ton of outfit, retracing every mile of the trail twenty times, all came to know him and to hail him as "Father Christmas." And, as he worked, ever he raised his chant with his age-falsetto voice.
"Well, you put as much money and outfit in as the rest of us," Big Bill conceded, "and you've a say according."
I'll bust the whole outfit to hell and gone if any of you try to side-track him!
"If we get 'em we could call it the 'Double H' outfit."
"Just hitch 'em up to our wagon in your mind an' look at the outfit. You got to go some to beat it."
This accomplished, the outfit, though cut in half, was still a formidable bulk.
His sister and brother-in-law seconded him; but they were frustrated by their heavy outfit and their own incompetence.
In that Edith Nelson undertook to cook for the outfit, a man's share was to be her portion.
I shall be fearfully preoccupied with my outfit. Then I must make a journey to see my family, in the lower part of Brittany, to obtain the sum necessary for my departure."