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OUTFIT. An allowance made by the government of the United States to a minister plenipotentiary, or charge des affaires, on going from the United States to any foreign country.
     2. The outfit can in no case exceed one year's full salary of such minister or charge des affaires. No outfit is allowed to a consul. Act of Cong. May 1, 1810. s. 1. Vide Minister.

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Yes, outfitted hunts are costly--some more than others.
1400 on Fifth was outfitted with Nortronics' NetImage XSO, a CCTV system whose elements communicate via Internet protocol.
Under Armour has outfitted the last three NCAA Field Hockey Championship teams: Wake Forest in 2004 and the University of Maryland in 2005 and 2006.
At the end of the first year, Stevens Transport has outfitted the OPS-1 system on nearly 50 percent of its fleet of more than 1,600 trucks.
In a rare departure from traditional tuxedos and formal attire, de rigeur for The New York Pops in Carnegie Hall, the entire orchestra, including conductor Skitch Henderson and guest artists, will be outfitted by the Wrangler(R) brand in authentic Western jeans and shirts.
Several Platoons, outfitted with ASVs, were deployed in Kosovo to perform Peacekeeping Operations as part of ongoing initiatives by the U.