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OUTFIT. An allowance made by the government of the United States to a minister plenipotentiary, or charge des affaires, on going from the United States to any foreign country.
     2. The outfit can in no case exceed one year's full salary of such minister or charge des affaires. No outfit is allowed to a consul. Act of Cong. May 1, 1810. s. 1. Vide Minister.

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Smith continued, "As our entire fleet is outfitted with the OPS-1 system over the next couple of years, we expect to save more than a million dollars per year on the cost of oil changes alone.
Several Platoons, outfitted with ASVs, were deployed in Kosovo to perform Peacekeeping Operations as part of ongoing initiatives by the U.
Teddy Bear fans needn't trek north to The Vermont Teddy Bear Company(R) (NASDAQ: BEAR) to experience the magic of making a Bear from scratch since the Company recently outfitted its popular Make A Friend For Life (R) (MAFFL) for the road.