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Yet the Rings trilogy, almost from its opening page, is bound together by Christian thematic sinews: the corrupting premise of absolute power to right all wrongs; the virtue of humility; the triumph of small things over great; the power of good to anticipate, outflank, and even exploit evil for its own ends; the sanctifying struggle for freedom; the imagery of resurrection; and much more.
As in the generations of heist films that would follow and imitate Huston's gritty thriller, Jaffe plots an intricate and coordinated theft, hoping to anticipate and outflank every possible defense and obstacle.
The purpose of managing intangibles isn't simply to get better scores; it's to outflank competitors with moves that are difficult or impossible to copy.
With the United States--the world's sole superpower and also its largest consumer of petroleum--setting the course for Iraq, it is not difficult to see a chain of events that will eventually outflank OPEC.
All five of our defensive linemen are potential rushers, including both ends who outflank the offensive tackles.
Instead, like other professionals, we prefer to outflank our peers with our technological savvy.
Cyrano SA, the French testing tools vendor, hopes to outflank its traditional rivals in the testing arena Rational and Mercury Interactive, by releasing security fault checking and remediation software.
It is a virtue of Adolf Max Vogt's brilliant book, subtitled an 'Archaeology of Modernism' that we can now see many reasons for the conjunction: the alienation of the passionate intellectual in Modern Society; the need to go back to origins in order to be 'certain'; reculer pour mieux sauter; the need to outflank the Academy by being 'Future/Past' in a new way.
These assertions gave the council significant bargaining power with the dukes upon their return in 1563, so much so that the dukes established rival charitable institutions in efforts to outflank it.
The boy adds more dirt, vainly attempting to outflank and contain the water.
Pleasanton to outflank and destroy Price's army at Westport (near Kansas City) (October 23); after the war, Blunt worked as a land claims agent, and died in 1881.
Leadership rival Esther McVey attempted to outflank Mr Raab yesterday by backing suspending Parliament to crash out without a deal.