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A former Pac-10 defensive coordinator observed, "Against a good running team you must have more defenders than blockers, and each must hold his gap, squeeze the inside run and not get outflanked.
insurers don't act to understand the effects of such measurement frameworks, they risk being outflanked in an increasingly global, competitive marketplace.
Only very little of the art was outflanked by the occasion, the guests, or the installation in grandly self-confident Edwardian office space: Lining a paneled corridor, Sugimoto's sepia photos of waxwork wives of Henry VIII looked all too much at home.
Wharfedale took the lead with a penalty by Jonathan Davies but Stourbridge replied when Toby Wilson outflanked the defence to score a try in the corner.
The building loomed large when it was built, but since then other towers have outflanked it.
Outflanked a stubborn problem with a completely fresh approach?
Haunted by an unsteady conscience and an unblinking midnight sun, the increasingly paranoid and insomniac police officer finds himself outflanked and desperate in a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse with a killer who knows his secret and a colleague who smells some herring.
If they manage it well, there is a lot of legacy business there, although you can be outflanked by competitors, response times, and time to market are not as critical as [they are] in the magnetic disk industry.
They were just outflanked and outgunned in the election by some very smart politicians," he said.
And she could be outflanked on the populist left by the underfinanced but fiery campaign of former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, whose angry anti-corporate rhetoric echoes Ralph Nader, but whose pro-life stance is a turnoff to many Democratic primary voters.
tried to hold the Po valley but was consistently outmaneuvered and outflanked by Bonaparte at the battles of Montenotte and Dego, the Po River, Lodi, the Mincio River, and Borghetto (April-May); after placing a large garrison in Mantua, he withdrew into the Tyrol; retired from active service, and died in 1819.
When this seems prudent, he is outflanked or other indirect marketing maneuvers are employed.