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A former Pac-10 defensive coordinator observed, "Against a good running team you must have more defenders than blockers, and each must hold his gap, squeeze the inside run and not get outflanked.
Tom Beechey outflanked a restricted Wharfedale defence and Stourbridge were confident leaders 25-6.
Outflanked a stubborn problem with a completely fresh approach?
Lib Dem strategists claim to have outflanked Tony Blair with a policy which many Labour activists would back but the party is afraid of.
She continues to lead in the polls, and she's far ahead on the fundraising field: She outflanked Campbell by 5 to 1 before the March primary and Benjamin by better than 20 to 1.
Haunted by an unsteady conscience and an unblinking midnight sun, the increasingly paranoid and insomniac police officer finds himself outflanked and desperate in a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse with a killer who knows his secret and a colleague who smells some herring.
If they manage it well, there is a lot of legacy business there, although you can be outflanked by competitors, response times, and time to market are not as critical as [they are] in the magnetic disk industry.
They were just outflanked and outgunned in the election by some very smart politicians," he said.
When this seems prudent, he is outflanked or other indirect marketing maneuvers are employed.
Companies that focus on simply managing the size of the data risk being outflanked by their competitors.
Our defence was rock solid, we tackled everything around the fringes but couldn't cope with being outflanked at the end.
I can fully appreciate the pressure that the agent for Plaid finds himself in following his executive's decision to run a fledgling, budding politician in Ynys Mn and now to suddenly realise that they could be outflanked.