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Power sector received the highest FDI, worth $542m, in this period and the profits outflow stood at $138.
The year-to-date net outflow was a reversal of the $1.
The report said that part of the illicit financial outflows is caused by companies that underinvoice exports and overinvoice exports.
The CBC noted that under the financial account, direct investments and securities investments racked up net outflow of US$1.
For term insurance policies, whether life or casualty, any premium paid is for insurance alone and should be expensed on the income statement and classified as an operating cash outflow in the statement.
The US remained the top destination of hot money outflow, cornering more than three-fourths that month, according to the BSP.
April outflows dropped both from a year ago and a month ago by 22.
The net hot money outflow was posted ahead of US President Donald Trump's assumption into office today (Friday, Jan.
By yearend, the BSP expects foreign portfolio investment to settle at a net outflow of $1.
Net outflow meant more portfolio investments left than entered the country that month.
Net outflow meant more hot money left than entered the country that month.
The net outflow was nonetheless lower than the previous weeks' net outflows: $99.