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948-billion outflow of portfolio investment last month exceeded the $1.
Inflows 35000 cusecs and Outflows 28700 cusecs, Sukkur:
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 60900 cusecs and Outflows 55400 cusecs.
8 billion in the first half of the year while global fixed income continues to see outflows from institutional investors.
The survey said that illicit outflows from Lebanon on an HMN basis, or those that were channeled through balance-of-payments leakages, totaled $16.
Change the query type to Append, and append it to the Manufacturing Outflows table.
During the premium payment period, premiums would be reported as operating and investing outflows as above.
It's not at all clear exactly how and even whether [these outflows and winds] play a major role in setting stellar masses," Larson says.
Barrages: Jinnah: Inflows 57700 cusecs and Outflows 52200 cusecs; Chashma: Inflows 46400 cusecs and Outflows 44000 cusecs; Taunsa: Inflows 40300 cusecs and Outflows 39800 cusecs; Panjnad: Inflows 11100 cusecs and Outflows 4100 cusecs;
Rivers: Indus at Tarbela: Inflows 295300 cusecs and Outflows 266200
April outflows dropped both from a year ago and a month ago by 22.
Kabul at Nowshera: Inflows 2,900 cusecs and outflows 2,900 cusecs.