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It is one of those old, old towns which impress one as a continuation and outgrowth of nature, as much as the nests of the bower-birds or the winding galleries of the white ants; a town which carries the traces of its long growth and history like a millennial tree, and has sprung up and developed in the same spot between the river and the low hill from the time when the Roman legions turned their backs on it from the camp on the hillside, and the long-haired sea-kings came up the river and looked with fierce, eager eyes at the fatness of the land.
Even a baby Triceratops had bony outgrowths on each brow.
To simplify our investigations, 8-hr outgrowths were mass-produced from BT products incubated in Graces' insect cell medium without FBS.
Part 1 treats the nature and origins of sixteenth-century marriage reforms as outgrowths of the complex of problems inherent in the "duality" of marriage - lofty sacramentum and pragmatic remedium for those too weak for chastity - as defined by the medieval Church.
But more often it forms buds, outgrowths that break off and develop into new critters.
The two new entities, as yet unnamed, will be outgrowths of Irvine Sensors' Semiconductor Products Operation (SPO) and Computer Products Operation (CPO).