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OUTHOUSES. Buildings adjoining to or belonging to dwelling-houses.
     2. It is not easy to say what comes within and what is excluded from the meaning of out-house. It has been decided that a school-room, separated from the dwelling-house by a narrow passage about a yard wide, the roof of which was partly upheld by that of the dwelling-house, the two buildings, together with some other, and the court which enclosed them, being rented by the same person, was properly described as an out-house: Russ. & R. C. C. 295; see, for other cases, 3 Inst. 67; Burn's Just., Burning, II; 1 Leach, 49; 2 East's P. C. 1020, 1021. Vide House.

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He claimed that the dancers were hired for a private performance at an outhouse and that there was no wedding ceremony at the said village.
On Thursday Mohamamd Ali, Munawwar, Ejaz and Bashir Mughal were present at outhouse when the accused Saqlain along with his 12 accomplices started firing on them.
John Benoit's smoker may look like an old-fashioned outhouse, but it has solar power, computerized controls, and Wi-Fi.
Archaeologists may have found the outhouse where the American Revolutionary War icon Paul Revere pooped.
A SUSPECTED arsonist is thought to have started a fire in an outhouse which caused heat damage to a nearby house.
There's a rear courtyard, where you'll find two outhouses - one of which has power and plumbing for a washing machine while the other outhouse has a toilet - and there's also a garage to the front.
The two were in the outhouse of the villa, which housed nearly 30 Asian workers in seven rooms.
The tiny Polish town of Pilica hides an infuriating secret: Homeowners who lived in the town after World War II used Jewish gravestones to build an outhouse and parts of their home, apparently in an effort to defile the memory of the Jews.
Hayliegh Venis managed to flee to safety from the property at Deal Court, in Grove Hill, Middlesbrough, after a fire in the outhouse.
QWE the outhouse at my found this flowering in the outhouse at my sister's new home.
The cannabis factory was in a purpose-built windowless outhouse in the grounds of Singh's home in Langbank, Renfrewshire, and could produce more than PS350,000 worth of the drug every 12 weeks.