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OUTHOUSES. Buildings adjoining to or belonging to dwelling-houses.
     2. It is not easy to say what comes within and what is excluded from the meaning of out-house. It has been decided that a school-room, separated from the dwelling-house by a narrow passage about a yard wide, the roof of which was partly upheld by that of the dwelling-house, the two buildings, together with some other, and the court which enclosed them, being rented by the same person, was properly described as an out-house: Russ. & R. C. C. 295; see, for other cases, 3 Inst. 67; Burn's Just., Burning, II; 1 Leach, 49; 2 East's P. C. 1020, 1021. Vide House.

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Our outhouse is a bright and clean space with a large window in front of the seat, a roof of clear corrugated fiberglass, and shelves full of back issues of National Geographic for quick reading.
Over morning dishes, the deer story was retold in more detail and it inspired the retelling of other stories of past outhouse trips with Linda, Chelsea and myself all contributing.
During the day, Outhouse can be used by the residents of the tower blocks for meetings or even as somewhere to sit and read a book.
Purists may argue that so far nobody has established just where the original outhouse at Chapel Row was located or whether it had one at all.
The Class B drugs were found behind the charity shop in Bridgend by police who raided the premises and found plants in a bedroom and in an outhouse.
Place this close to the outhouse and you have a wash stand.
WITNESSES are being asked to come forward after an arson attack on an outhouse.
Charmin participated in the Seventeenth Annual Trenary, MI Outhouse Classic, where thousands of attendees came to watch and cheer for the "fastest outdoor bathroom.
A SHOPKEEPER will have to wait to find out whether or not city planning bosses will tell him to tear down a controversial large outhouse at the back of his property.
The already well-established Outhouse quartet will be augmented by five African percussionists to form Outhouse Ruhabi.
Outhouse are in the house at the CBSO Centre on Friday - and they have a special guest.
Outhouse, a Dublin-based help centre for gay communities, hit out at Fr Browne's comments.