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Before the 1927 retraction, Marshall correctly judged that the Dearborn Independent would be discredited by the self-defeating outlandishness of its antisemitic accusations (as exemplified by the charge that Jewish bankers were behind Lincoln's assassination).
Celine's painful suffering, Mariette's stigmata, and the paradigmatic model of Christ's cruxificion all bear the marks of this wildness, this outlandishness.
Indeed, comedy and critique emanate in this text from the outlandishness of these terms, the hubris of the agency they assign to earthly powers, and this, I argue, is a key point for understanding the seriousness of Waugh's satire here.
8) Instead of focusing on her illnesses, I submit that one of the great signs of health in Virginia Woolf's life was her ability to maintain a child's exquisite outlandishness and irreverence, a child's sense of mystery and discovery, a child's elastic sense of time and appreciation of non-sense, and a child's relative insulation from the institutionalized, disciplined, and ritualized adult world.
This is not to suggest a clown-figure in the sense of the playful buffoon, or of clowning for the sake of clowning--though this may be involved--but rather in the sense of the clown who by his queer antics and strange attire, or by his "divine madness," gives expression to the special freedom that he has attained, and who in that freedom reveals some truth through the outlandishness of his performance, or who in some bizarre way becomes the agent of redemption in a particular situation (1970:7).
It is only consistent with his distinctive grandiloquent, effusive, cavalier, self-infatuated, hornswoggling, meretricious dilettante scope and outlandishness.
Despite their inexperience and occasional outlandishness, they are organizing and delivering some of the most effective relief work in the area.
Yet Spenser's attempt to bind the "Blatant Beast" (an Irish outlandishness that refuses to be colonized) in Book Six of The Fairie Queene (of a projected or intended Twelve) continues to stray indefinitely (6.
when I walk around Gap at the outlandishness of the clothes, and find myself spending more and more time in the clothes department at Marks & Spencers.
Don't be afraid to admit the indeterminacy, messiness, and outlandishness of Melville's text--from specific elements of the narrative to the whole enterprise itself.
It may have failed when it played to America, but this most British of musicals, celebrating the New Romantic movement with all of the sex, drugs and dressing-up one can imagine, makes no excuses for its outlandishness and risquA language.
Thwarting the investigation also will only serve to fuel an array of conspiracy theories that could rival the JFK assassination in scope and outlandishness.