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They may not be dramatic, life-changing experiences, but you recall them because of the humor, the outlandishness or the pure joy of the memory.
This looks like a moment of spiritual yearning done with somewhat cinematic outlandishness.
One cannot help agreeing with Kate Teltscher that "travel writing grants considerable licence to its authors; its quasi- scientific status confers authority, while the public expectation of foreign outlandishness ensures that sensational stories are happily consumed.
The extreme outlandishness of the Connecticut contraception law,
I think Portlandia definitely occupies a sphere of silliness and outlandishness that I would not be comfortable going with in music.
For all of its outlandishness, this myth expresses the widespread notion that romantic love will end our agonizing loneliness if we can form not merely a stable relationship with another but a sort of metaphysical fusion with them.
It's a Halloween spectacle of a show, rife with energy, outlandishness and a sense of straight-up, unadulterated raucousness.
This outlandishness might be the very reason that "I, the Undersigned," as the
The narrator's sly humor enhances the outlandishness of the entrance of the modern in unspoken contrast to modernity's quasi-religious imbrication with rationality as a philosophical basis for modernization and technological progress.
Fret speaks of his one-time mentor with a matter-of-fact admiration; outlandishness isn't part of the picture.
But when the old man recounts this experience years later at the town's Fourth of July celebration, it is greeted with "laughter of the kind you hear when the outlandishness of a thing is being generally agreed on.
In his essays, Clavijo caricaturized and criticized petimetres, among others, for their outlandishness and gender-bending appearance and behavior.