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Under Moyes (left) this season, United were not expected to outlast teams like Austria Wien and Celtic.
Novak Djokovic managed to outlast Rafael Nadal to retain his Australian Open title in a gruelling five-set match that goes into the record books as the longest grand slam final of all time.
They store or release excess thermal energy," Outlast Director of Operations Mike Henshaw says.
Scope Outlast mouthwash and Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast toothpaste are infused with advanced Outlast technology, which binds to select receptors in the mouth, triggering a cool, minty sensation, for fresh breath that lasts five times longer than an ordinary routine, according to the company.
The luxurious T-tech line features three jackets--The Berlin, The Geneva and The Cologne--enhanced with Outlast technology.
Outlast and Smyth have filed a patent application together for beer labels.
Again, while initial expense may deter you from this simple option, it is imperative to note that oftentimes these new bulbs will outlast the standard fluorescent bulbs, cutting cost over time.
Like Daumier, Grosz, and Mad magazine, Saul is a shrewd observer of the social scene, and his work, too, will outlast its specific topics because it's a critique not only of capitalism California style but of human beings in all their inanity.
DuPont Textiles & Interiors has formed an equity alliance partnership with Outlast Technologies.
By joining the consolidated market, ECNs with the most attractive liquidity will outlast the niche players attempting to enter the market without the ability to attract order flow.
Hats made of the Outlast fabric are due in ski shops this winter.
For its Scope, Crest and Oral-B brands, P&G in September launched Outlast, which it calls a groundbreaking advance in freshening breath.