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Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov twice came from a set behind to outlast 11th seed Marin Cilic in a heavyweight second-round clash at the French Open on Wednesday.
The President asked troops not to 'abandon' the fight against illegal drugs and the country if the problem would 'outlast' him.
This find supports lumbermen's claims that under proper conditions, wood outlasts any man-made structural material.
The animal experiments lasted only a few hours, but they suggest that the combination outlasts unattached tPA, Muzykantov says.--N.S.
Like standard POLIFAN discs, POLIFAN Mini offers advantages over quick-change fiber discs, such as: can grind and finish in one step; does not require a backing pad; cooler grinding; outlasts conventional discs up to 20-to-l; and are suitable for use on all materials.
They came to hear Big Head Todd and the Monsters, but they left having felt a sense of belonging that outlasts the beer buzz.
EM ultimately outlasts its only direct competitor, MBM: Modern Black Men, launched a year earlier.
The song of the nightingale is seen as a symbol of art that outlasts mortal life.
Ladbrokes believe Quinn will sit tighter and go just 2-5 that he outlasts his former Ireland team-mate Keane (7-4).
This affordable option not only outlasts conventional four-brush motors but also increases throughput by up to 100%, Conair says.