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n. popularly, anyone who commits serious crimes and acts outside the law.

OUTLAW, Eng. law. One who is put out of the protection or aid of the law. 22 Vin. Ab. 316; 1 Phil. Ev. Index, h.t.; Bac. Ab. Outlawry; 2 Sell. Pr. 277; Doct. Pl. 331; 3 Bl. Com. 283, 4.

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ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Police have arrested 22 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered stolen batteries of towers, narcotics and weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.
Imran Rasheed along with the staff encircled the pointed out house but the accused persons started sporadic firing as a result of which, Imran Rasheed received bullet wounds while the outlaws also snatched rifle and wireless set from a policemen.
The next day a police party led by DSP Rao Shafiullah was sent to the area to recover the hostages but the police officer was martyred and one of his subordinates, Constable Babar, was wounded in an encounter with outlaws.
Outlaws won a rain-affected match at Edgbaston by 28 runs on the Duckworth-Lewis method.
The cases have been registered against the outlaws at separate police stations.
Outlaw Blood: Outlaw Blade Kendrick's wife runs away from him, taking their two young sons with her.
'In an encounter with the outlaws, Kandhkot City SHO Ghulam Qadir Jatio sustained an injury on his arm,' he said, and adding that the police shifted him to a nearby hospital where his condition was stated to be stable.
City Police Station seized five Kg of Hashish, 14 bottles of wine, two guns, five pistols, 93 cartridges and arrested 34 outlaws and 115 suspects.
During his career the dad of two helped to establish the open-age side at the Outlaws two years ago, after it was originally founded as a junior club.
During separate actions, 12 outlaws including three POs were arrested besides the recovery of arms and drugs from their possession.Police told that the outlaws were being interrogated after registering separate cases against them at the police stations concerned.
Outlaw supercharges companies' existing contracts from unmanageable, static stacks of paper into dynamic templates that are a breeze to edit, share, negotiate and sign in real-time.
When Law scored the Outlaws' go-ahead goal with 13 seconds left in the 2016 MLL championship game, it was a capstone moment for a homegrown star.