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The DBM attributed infrastructure spending growth at the end of the first eight months to 'the implementation of public infrastructure projects of the DPWH (road repair and rehabilitation, flood control projects) and the Department of Transportation (rail and transport infrastructure), other capital outlay projects in state universities and colleges (construction, repair and rehabilitation of school facilities, acquisition of equipment) and the DOH (upgrading of health facilities and purchase of hospital/medical equipment), and the modernization program of the Department of National Defense-Armed Forces of the Philippines (purchase of ammunitions, transport equipment and other defense assets).
It becomes evident, for example, that there is a negative money income at such outlays as 10 ounces, 30 ounces, or 100 ounces.
One of the most interesting (though not surprising) findings of our analysis is that, while tight budgets are constraining regulatory spending at many federal agencies, those that are at least partially funded by fees on the entities they regulate are able to support substantial increases in regulatory outlays and staffing.
On a per capita basis, state and local outlays as a proportion of GDP fell from 16.
Outlay of social welfare next year reaches NT$439 billion, the largest item.
8 billion in annual operating outlays contributed a total of $118.
The shareholder must have made an "actual economic outlay.
Across the nation, states are taking a number of steps to limit enrollments or benefits in their efforts to control Medicaid outlays,
5 billion in budget appropriations or outlays to research and development (R&D), an increase, in nominal terms, of more than 25% over 10 years, according to Eurostat, the EU's Statistical Office.
The Finance Ministry plans to cut outlays for sewerage by around 20% and dam and flood control projects by more than 10% in the next fiscal year to achieve a planned 10% cut in public works spending, ministry sources said Thursday.
The doubling of the growth rate of output per hour has caused individuals' real taxable income to grow nearly two and one-half times as fast as it did over the preceding ten years and resulted in the substantial surplus of receipts over outlays that we are now experiencing.