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When I had outlined it to him, he seemed about as horror-struck as Perry had been; but for a different reason.
And with their confidence we can carry through the large developments we have outlined to you.
As he came to a little bridge across a dry ravine he saw the figure of a man standing upon it, clearly outlined against the gray background of a misty forest.
On a colossal pedestal, the cliff, - motionless at the extreme edge of the capping rock and sharply outlined against the sky, - was an equestrian statue of impressive dignity.
The SmartCheck system creates an image that looks like a chalk outline of the passenger with threats and contraband outlined, but does not reveal facial features.
In January, a contractor met with three members of the citizens' panel and outlined his allegations about the A and B contracts, said Steve Soboroff, senior aide to the mayor and the chairman of the panel.
Establishing a roof maintenance program such as the one outlined above ensures that an owner's roof warranty is not voided through negligence or error and also ensures that the owner's costly roof installation investment is preserved.
Detail cost estimates are outlined and compared with key offshore and nearshore markets such as India, the Dominican Republic and Central America.
The large volume of high quality Gene Logic data also gives FDA the ability to determine baseline expression variation for particular genes that can be helpful in advancing certain scientific projects outlined in their Critical Path Initiative.
Prospective AEM conductors and mineralized zones outlined during the 2005 program will be followed-up in order to better define drill targets.
Some of the efforts outlined include supporting energy efficient lighting systems, air conditioning, as well as efficient appliances.
The MMI survey carried out on Bralorne's property has outlined four distinct, continuous gold anomalies which trend sub-parallel to the historic productive veins.