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The forward-thinking design was christened the 'Land Rover', the outline of which we now recognise as the Defender.
Several major defense acquisition programs have now been through a variety of milestone decisions using the new LCSP outline. So this is a good time take stock of where we've been and where we're going with the refinement of the LCSP as a stand-alone decision support document and useful tool for programs in product support planning.
Not all nineteenth-century authors appreciated Retzsch's outlines. Ralph Waldo Emerson, for one, disliked the Gothicism characteristic of Retzsch's outlines.
Fifteen exam outlines referred only to syndromes that were specific to the practice of a particular specialty and for which an underlying genetic etiology was known.
These discuss what needs to be done to create a space where students can become reflective and metacognitive thinkers; outline an effective thinker profile; outline possible questions to ask the students and for teachers to use as reflection on course design; and outline planning phases.
As an XML format, OPML specifies a standardized set of metadata elements that describe outlines. These metadata elements are quite minimal and are intended to be both human- and machine-readable, which means that anyone with a basic knowledge of XHTML can create OPML files with nothing more than a text editor.
There seems to be a contradiction in the perceived value of chapter outlines in introductory psychology textbooks and the understanding of student perceptions of usefulness and value of chapter outlines.
McKibbon outlines the steps involved in conducting a systematic review.
928-48) he provides a detailed outline of part 2 that is very helpful in navigating such volume.
Because energy management should be a team effort, it outlines ways to mobilize a team and individual team members.
* Summary of Material Modification--This outlines changes to the plan or to the info in the Summary Plan Description.
A 1976 report, Human Health and the Environment, comprised the input of over 80 scientists and resulted in a comprehensive outline of research needs including focus on specific pollutants of air, food, and water.