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Individual assignments, such as breaking a long-term project into smaller steps and outlining essays, stories or speeches
Monochromatic color scheme, symmetry, and outlining.
Another article follows, outlining the Coast Guard's CONUS international courses, numbering over 400 and including the International Maritime Officers School, along with the training teams that visit over fifty countries, impacting 2,500 students each year.
99-5 and 99-6, outlining the Federal income tax consequences of partnership entity reclassifications: Rev.
Max Fallek, director of the American Institute of Small Business in Minneapolis, suggests that you briefly describe the remainder of the document while outlining these portions of the plan.
CPAs who want to use their spreadsheet programs as report writers can apply the new software's easy-to-use advanced features such as outlining, versions, forecasting, data analysis, importing data and charting to enhance budgeting, business modeling and analysis.
This written data gives a building owner records with which to supply a manufacturer, outlining the owner's maintenance procedures required under the warranty.
My understanding is that Tom Persky is fine-tuning an extensive memorandum outlining his proposed "fresh start" approach toward the computation of interest.
This article will go a step further by outlining a model for delivery of vocational rehabilitation to this population.
The book finishes with a look ahead, outlining what the authors believe will be the future directions of quality assurance efforts.
Outlining a course ourselves forces my classmates and me to consider the connections between cases, to see how doctrines are built, and to glimpse at semester's end the unity of a body of thought.
Z Backscatter works by detecting and outlining "low Z" materials (items that contain low atomic number elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen).