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For every existing society, even the most "individualist" one, takes two things for granted, if only subconsciously: Organizations outlive workers, and most people stay put.
Even disciplined planners with advanced strategies can outlive their assets.
PRINCETON, NJ -- More than half of 30- to 64-year-olds in the United States say they are worried they will outlive their money after they retire.
We are just now seeing the emergence of a new generation of annuity products that, in effect, offer retirees the option of creating their own customized lifetime pension plan--a monthly paycheck they cannot outlive.
These challenges include the fact that women outlive men by seven years (on average), women do not have the same salaries, retirement or pension plans that men have, and women on average spend 15% of their career out of the workforce due to life issues, such as raising children.
For example, humans outlive elephants, horses, and cows, and tortoises outliving humans.
Although most trees can outlive us--100 to 200 years is not unusual--they succumb to age, disease and insects, wind, rain, and drought.
Kochno amassed a legendary collection of dance art, apparently knew everybody and managed to outlive friend and foe alike.
Not only did the surviving stores that he worked on while working for Edward Armstrong in 1948 significantly outlive the more celebrated festival pavilion, but also as basic shelters they more fittingly express the lightness of touch that he sought in this contemporary application.
These reasons for poorer older women are outlined: women spend much of their lives out of the workforce and in retirement rely on husbands' SS benefits; women outlive their husbands; women are not guaranteed they will receive husbands' pensions; and divorce can change women's retirement prospects.