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When asked about their primary safety net if they do outlive their savings, more than half (52%) of Americans expressed uncertainty:
Bacall would outlive her husband by more than 50 years, but never outlive their iconic status.
The objective of a recent "safe investor" study was to evaluate mutual fund performance and to answer questions such as "are investors likely to outlive their mutual funds?
Summary: BEIRUT: Future Movement parliamentary bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora said over the weekend that political disputes among Lebanon's rival political groups would not come to an end soon but that despite the existing controversial issues, the country would outlive its political crises.
It can be hard when you outlive friends and loved ones but I always had my family around me.
Women continue to outlive men, and they frequently outlive the economic resources they or their spouses put aside for their retirement security.
Synopsis: A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows that nearly half of Americans are worried they'll outlive their money when they retire, and about the same percentage are worried they'll have to retire later than they had originally planned.
In the first five years of retirement, if people get caught in the sequence-of-return spiral, which is where they are withdrawing money when the market is moving down, they'll realize three or five years from now that in order for them to get back to the point they won't outlive their money, even at a 5% withdrawal, the stock market has to come in with something outrageous.
Government programs have a tendency to outlive their usefulness, to continue long after their original purpose has been accomplished.
What keeps her going is the hope of seeing her country outlive injustice.
However, half of the people who follow this advice may very well outlive their money.
These challenges include the fact that women outlive men by seven years (on average), women do not have the same salaries, retirement or pension plans that men have, and women on average spend 15% of their career out of the workforce due to life issues, such as raising children.