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Speaking at the first parliamentary party meeting of the newly-formed Nepal Communist Party here, party's co-chairman Oli said the office would be removed as it had "outlived its purpose".
He said that the pier was initially constructed 90 years ago and was requiring reconstruction as it has outlived its useful life and was beyond economic repairs.
"The property had outlived its original purpose and no longer works as a hotel.
"After 10 years, our Steinert eddy current has not become obsolete or outlived its function," notes Mosebach.
Darby says the modular buildings have more than outlived their usefulness.
But if school boards have outlived their usefulness as evidenced by district performance, wouldn't we also have to say that superintendents, the district model, and teacher and administrator preparation programs have all outlived their usefulness as well?
Yoda outlived three previous cage mates, including one with the Pit1 mutation.
The "humble" business-to-business RELease 1.0 newsletter outlived the giants Compaq and Lotus, both of which were absorbed by even bigger computer companies.
So what to do with a PC that has outlived its usefulness?
Similarly, in her paintings of artists and writers Roberts's focus seems to be not just death but an equivocal death-in-life: These people have outlived their own mortality, which, given their enduring public lives, has a shocking intimacy.
It is party time over at Baa Bar in Concert Square this weekend, the stalwart of the Square hits the grand old age of 12,having outlived many of its neighbours.
Michael Fabricant (Con Lichfield) made the demand after it was revealed hundreds of greyhounds were hung from trees each year, because they had outlived their usefulness on the racetrack.