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But the man and woman of seventy assume to know all, they have outlived their hope, they renounce aspiration, accept the actual for the necessary and talk down to the young.
One fact he had found out since these questions had engrossed his mind, was that he had been quite wrong in supposing from the recollections of the circle of his young days at college, that religion had outlived its day, and that it was now practically non-existent.
My dear, because I had misfortune with moneys invested, because I am old and can no longer win the brave young men, because I have outlived the men of my youth and there is no one to go to, because I live here in the ghetto with Barry Higgins and prepare to die--why, my dear, I was born with the masters, and have trod all my days on the necks of the stupid.
Here is Hector, a good and faithful pup, that has long outlived the time of a dog; and, like his master, he looks more to comfort now, than to any deeds in running.
Indisputably this was the case with Another, for he was so cut up by the loss of his young wife that if he outlived her a year it was as much as he did.
Childhood has no forebodings; but then, it is soothed by no memories of outlived sorrow.
The broken figures supporting the burden of the chimney-piece, though mutilated, were still distinguishable for what they had been--far different from the dust without--and showed sadly by the empty hearth, like creatures who had outlived their kind, and mourned their own too slow decay.
old and outlived 220 KV Air blast circuit breakers (ABB make) by new 220 KV SF-6 circuit breakers (SIEMENS make) by dismantling of 4 nos.
KARACHI -- The Morris Pier, more famously known as the workshop Pier, at Manora which had outlived its useful life, is reconstructed by Karachi Port Trust (KPT).
Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin was quoted, as saying in New Delhi that it has been India's "consistent and long-standing view that UNMOGIP has outlived its mandate.
Researchers found that rats who ate an intake- and calorie-restricted diet outlived those without intake restrictions by 20 percent, as well as outlived those eating a high-fat diet without restrictions by 50 percent, said Zhao Liping, a microbiologist at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xinhua reported.
Analysis Provides Economic, Legal and Evidentiary Arguments to Show How Section 629 has Outlived its Usefulness