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Yet, an overly conservative investment strategy can expose investors to outliving their assets.
Secondarily, with Americans living longer, there is a risk of the retiree outliving his or her assets.
29: Outliving its Usefulness: A Law and Economics Argument for Sunset of Section 629, may be downloaded free from the Phoenix Center's web page at: http://www.
While the sentiment, "if I'd known I was going to live so long, I'd have taken better care of myself," pokes the at the prospect of outliving your health, outliving your wealth is no laughing matter in today's era of longer like spans and, consequently, longer retirements.
For the comparison, PricewaterhouseCoopers calculated the maximum withdrawals consistent with no more than a 5% chance of the owner outliving mutual fund assets.
Although many affluent investors have amassed sizable nest eggs, they are increasingly concerned about the possibility that their assets many not grow enough to keep them from outliving their savings," said James Swanson, portfolio manager of the MFS(R) Diversified Income Fund.
For example, humans outlive elephants, horses, and cows, and tortoises outliving humans.
A major risk associated with term life insurance is outliving the term.
If you think Outliving Heart Disease: The 10 New Rules For Prevention And Treatment re-hashes old information, think again: cardiologist Richard Stein observes too many new studies, reports, and conflicting details and cuts to the chase in providing clear, easy insights on what constitutes risk and how to alleviate it.
Faced with today's financial squeeze and fears of outliving their savings during retirement, many Americans seem to have concluded that one way to address their fears is to delay their retirement.
He outlived his two wives, Ada and Jean, and his companions of his later years, Betty and Doris, as well as poignantly outliving his two sons, Dennis and Roy.
According to the study's findings, investors outliving their mutual funds is a serious issue.