outlying districts

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And to this day in the outlying districts many have it that Chuck Connors, with his hand on his heart, leads reform; and that but for the noble municipal efforts of one Parkhurst, a district attorney, the notorious "Bishop" Potter gang would have destroyed law and order from the Bowery to the Harlem River.
To Manatos he has sent and to all the outlying districts that are his.
He made little treats and teas for him, as if he came in with his homage from some outlying district where the tenantry were in a primitive state.
He recalls the days when trams ran through Huddersfield, connecting the outlying districts and villages.
The locations Merseytravel is focusing on are Maghull north, Parliament Street and Vauxhall on the northern line' Carr Mill, Ditton, Greenbank Park and Chapelford (serving the pounds 1bn Omega development in Warrington) on the city line' Runcorn, Skelmersdale, Beechwood, Deeside industrial park and Woodchurch in outlying districts.
But new initiatives, including an increase in number of times green bins are emptied, providing recycling to outlying districts and expanding the kerbside glass collections, all aim to boost that.
Puppy walkers are desperately needed for Hale village, and the outlying districts of Liverpool are also suffering.
He patrols Huddersfield town centre and outlying districts.
His books are well-written and informative and helped me discover the overlooked history of Liverpool's outlying districts.
I HAVE high hopes for the Capital of Culture bid, but one thing struck me when I was reading a Joe Riley piece in the ECHO: Many of the contenders seem to be including not only their city centres, but also their outlying districts in the bid.
I was always a fan of the Baltimore Exchange at Aspley before it closed and went through innumerable face changes, and although there are a couple of American diners in the town centre (Rock Cafe, Frankie and Bennys), Fargo's is probably the first offering that sort of fare in the outlying districts.
Christine Gregory A monthly ticket covering the area of the whole of Cardiff and outlying districts, Penarth, Barry, Cowbridge etc costs me PS15 a week here in Stuttgart, and I can use it on all forms of public transport, trains, trams and buses.