outlying districts

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And to this day in the outlying districts many have it that Chuck Connors, with his hand on his heart, leads reform; and that but for the noble municipal efforts of one Parkhurst, a district attorney, the notorious "Bishop" Potter gang would have destroyed law and order from the Bowery to the Harlem River.
To Manatos he has sent and to all the outlying districts that are his.
He made little treats and teas for him, as if he came in with his homage from some outlying district where the tenantry were in a primitive state.
Groups of youths began putting up barricades and burning tyres in the outlying districts of Zogona and Tampouy.
com posted on 27th April 2015 that thousands of Taliban fighters attacked Afghan forces in the northern province of Kunduz in an effort to seize control of the provincial capital and outlying districts.
There's an urgent need for crutches, stretchers and other medical supplies especially in the outlying districts," says Sarah Blin, country director of Handicap International.
Also targeted was Aden, where aircraft blasted rebel forces in outlying districts.
Also targeted was Aden, where warplanes blasted rebel forces in outlying districts.
National head of offices Carl Potter said: "The level of take-up has been increasing in the regions' out-of-town markets for some time, reflecting a well-balanced recovery both in city centres and outlying districts.
From the 1960s onwards, more outlying districts of large cities in Turkey became Alevi neighborhoods.
The company serves many outlying districts from its Waterloo and Honley depots.
Violence is still sporadically reported in Bangui but also mainly in outlying districts where both Christian and Muslim militias operate and there have been serious clashes with peacekeeping forces, several of whom have been killed.