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As a whole, OutManeuver provides a textbook for competing more effectively in new markets and with new innovations.
I set up my camera and took a few shots, then tried to catch it, but it dodged away, still able to outrun and outmaneuver me.
In his plays, she says, it is always the more elastic, improvisational character who is able to outmaneuver fate.
Having ruled Malaysia with an iron fist for two decades, outgoing Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad obviously takes pride in the fact that nobody has been able to challenge or outmaneuver him.
Having outwitted the Inquisition in Portugal, he now tries to use those wits to outmaneuver other well-versed brokers.
So, flapping-wing MAVs could potentially carry heftier payloads and outmaneuver other microfliers.
CI refers to information-gathering and evaluation techniques that the editors say market leaders use "to help them outwit, outmaneuver and outperform the competition at every turn.
MANILA -- A man was who was testing if he could outmaneuver the rampaging water of Tullahan River in Valenzuela City drowned, Radyo Inquirer 990 AM reported.
Battling big box; how nimble niche companies can outmaneuver giant competitors.