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About Cloud Connect Cloud Connect, produced by UBM Tech, is the defining event for the cloud-enabled enterprise, helping businesses leverage the cloud to outmaneuver, out-innovate, and outpace the competition.
Having outwitted the Inquisition in Portugal, he now tries to use those wits to outmaneuver other well-versed brokers.
So, flapping-wing MAVs could potentially carry heftier payloads and outmaneuver other microfliers.
CI refers to information-gathering and evaluation techniques that the editors say market leaders use "to help them outwit, outmaneuver and outperform the competition at every turn.
The only way to outmaneuver opponents is to be on top of everything.
The growing need for family-sized apartments prompted a run on church properties by other developers, but Fred Rose was able to outmaneuver them in securing the land for the Madison Belvedere, "which will create a neighborhood," and the most recent purchase for $24 million of the former school building and grounds of St.
GeoLearning customers benefit from the ability to launch programming quickly to end users, enabling them to outsmart, outmaneuver and outperform the competition.
Battling big box; how nimble niche companies can outmaneuver giant competitors.
I'm looking for a great leader, somebody who is a winner and knows how to win the last game of the season and knows how to outmaneuver the other manager.
They are pursued by Erik, an enemy, and must outmaneuver him and his crew, The way to Jotunheim is through a waterfall, and after almost drowning, they find that the giants would just as soon eat them as help them.
If the Democrats recapture the House in November as some pundits predict, the ten-term veteran from Massachusetts and senior member of the Banking and Judiciary committees will stand to gain an even more influential post from which to outmaneuver the GOP's far-right wing.
On the other hand, cancers seem to uniformly outmaneuver the host in the end," comments cancer geneticist Bert Vogelstein of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore.