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moved on to the Final Four competition where after a series of best out of three matches, the WildStang alliance outmaneuvered the competition and secured the national title.
Although it was later outmaneuvered, what stands out in this endeavor is the broad agreement that was reached among its members.
Coliseum general manager Pat Lynch told council members that the Exposition Park stadium has outmaneuvered competing sites in Pasadena and Carson in the race for a National Football League franchise.
But for a change in recent times, the recall fiascos have been outmaneuvered by even bigger news -- the 2000 Paris Auto show (le Mondial de l'Automobile for you Francophiles), which featured a brace of new vehicles from Ferrari, Volvo, and Ford, as well as the end of a reign for one of Detroit's future hall-of-fame car designers.
Military reforms were outnumbered, outgunned, outfinanced, and seemed certain to be outmaneuvered.
VENTURA - Outspent and outmaneuvered, Linda Parks beat the odds at the ballot box and won Ventura County's 2nd District supervisorial seat over Randy Hoffman.
Outspent and outmaneuvered, the health advocates' strategy has been simple and effective: spread the word about the hazards of smoking.
immigration officials have picked an enforcement strategy that captures some migrants, but it is hopelessly outmaneuvered by the rest of them.
For all appearances, Magaziner had been outmaneuvered in his first big-league dust-up.
Brignac outmaneuvered Barret Burkett for the football on the winning touchdown.
Berhanu Adanne of Ethiopia outmaneuvered Armando Quintanilla and Hezron Otwori in the final quarter-mile to win the closest race in Bolder Boulder (Colo.
Canadian Greg Moore outmaneuvered dominant Alex Zanardi as they contested the lead with five laps remaining Sunday, then hung on to win the Rio 400 in Brazil.