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He has also come to view partnerships with important technology players as a necessity, another strategy aimed at outmaneuvering IBM.
We beat the Soviets not only by outproducing, outspending, and outmaneuvering them.
Net Crimes & Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering the Spammers, Swindlers, and Stalkers Who Are Targeting You Online, by Jayne Hitchcock (ISBN:0-91096557-9, $24.95), helps Web users and managers to protect themselves against online cheats and predators.
So far he has succeeded in outmaneuvering his nationalist opponents.
We had several large transactions for the entire building and you have to hand it to the MTA for outmaneuvering one of the big guys on Wall Street.
He reserves special praise for the late Senator Henry Jackson of Washington state, who, it seems, singlehandedly saved the nation by outmaneuvering those well-known liberal-pacifists Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon and instilling a little backbone into the gelatinous Jimmy Carter during his first few months in office.