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Both Icahn's and Blackstone's initial bids outmatch that of
Executive chef at Dubai's Qamardeen Hotel, Bernd Geiger, thinks customer loyalty schemes are the only way to outmatch discount offers' appeal.
C'mon, who will outmatch these two dominant QRANK:TT players and win our April prize?
We want to erect a statue, which will outmatch every other statue in terms of dimensions," he pointed out.
The global defence budget for UAS procurement is expanding, and in the future the market for civilian UAVs is expected to outmatch that of the military.
When people face the prospect of spending decades in retirement, odds are inflation and expenses will outmatch shortsighted portfolio planning.
Suzanne has enough "wood in her stove" to warm a small country, and Al has the brains to outmatch Greenspan, Ginsberg and Gore -- combined -- with the bonus of modesty, style and creativity.
The oppressive presence of the canes, the mortal danger they metaphorically pose here, points, of course, to the way in which sugarcane was cultivated in Barbados, and in the Americas in general, during much of its agricultural history--with the brutal exploitation of African slave labor, an exploitation so relentless that it necessitated a constant influx of new slaves merely to outmatch death rates.
The game took a fast pace from the start, with neither team able to outmatch the other, resulting in 22-22 tie at the end of the first quarter.
An English volunteer said: "Since India seem to be the superior team in cricket, may be Pakistan fans can outmatch them in screaming.