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Through our experiences with Outnumber Hunger, we have learned the far reach of hunger in America, affecting people from all different backgrounds," said Tyler Hubbard, the Georgia half of Florida Georgia Line.
Single women between 25 and 44 far outnumber single men in most large cities on the east coast.
Seven of the top ten unemployment blackspots were in the capital, including Hackney where claimants outnumber vacancies by a "shocking" 24 to 1.
Women rabbinical students outnumber men two-to-one at the Reform Hebrew Union College.
In Northumberland 53,420 women work for the council, with only 47,075 males, and in Newcastle women outnumber men by almost 5%.
A negative reading means that pessimists outnumber optimists.
Men far outnumber women in math and science careers.
Nationally, college women outnumber men among all racial groups.
In Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures from Outerspace to Cyberspace, Jodi Dean cites a poll stating that UFO believers in the US outnumber the voters who put Reagan, Bush Sr.
But it is wrong, they argue, to focus only on the losers when the winners so greatly outnumber them.
According to recent market forecasts from Gartner Group, mobile phones and handheld devices will outnumber PCs by more than 4-to-1 within the next five years.
A study by Pyramid Research predicts that, within five years, cell phones will outnumber their traditional counterparts in Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and Peru.