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Parents Pete and Sue thought bringing up three precocious children was challenging - against teenagers they're not just outnumbered, they're outwitted too.
They're in it together but they're both a bit rubbish - as are most parents in real life, which is what makes Outnumbered so very realistic.
Andy added: "Myself and co-writer Guy Jenkin write and re-write for Outnumbered.
Capturing family life at its most chaotic, the new Outnumbered DVD (http://www.
Attackers on a football field will almost always be outnumbered by defenders.
IT'S hilarious," a friend said about a BBC sitcom called Outnumbered.
IF you haven't seen either of the first two series of Outnumbered, you've yet to have the pleasure of the Brockman family.
Our MPs have very little effect inWestminster anyway, where they are outnumbered 10 to one.
Curiously, the five cities with the highest ratio of tops to bottoms, including three where bottoms are outnumbered (Atlanta, Washington, and New York), are all east of the Mississippi.
Apparently, the competition is too much even though ``Millard Fillmore'' is outnumbered two or three to one.
Retreat was not an option, and the enemy outnumbered the defenders nearly thirty to one.
An analysis of the dead by race showed: "African-Americans outnumbered whites 51 percent to 44 percent.