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In Fort Bend County, where straight-ticket Democrats outnumbered Republicans this year, 76 percent of voters cast straight-ticket ballots in this year's general election - the highest percentage among the top 10 counties.
According to the data of the State Election Commission, at the end of April this year, the sixth electoral district outnumbered the threshold of 5 percent with 314.
It's the last in the series for the cast of Outnumbered | It's the last in the series for the cast of OUTNUMBERED
Parents Pete and Sue thought bringing up three precocious children was challenging - against teenagers they're not just outnumbered, they're outwitted too.
They're in it together but they're both a bit rubbish - as are most parents in real life, which is what makes Outnumbered so very realistic.
Going in and playing big tournaments at 4-4-2 at times, it's not easy in midfield, when you're outnumbered, because you're not getting outnumbered against mugs, you're outnumbered against top players.
After two hours of discussions the results of a hand count showed those against outnumbered those who supported the idea by two to one at least.
OUTNUMBERED co-writer and director Andy Hamilton has had a hard task getting ready for a visit to North Wales this month - he's had to pick two of his favourite episodes of the hit sit-com.
Areas where women outnumbered men included Gwynedd in North Wales, Knowsley, Dumfries and Galloway, Anglesey and Pembrokeshire.
One of the unalterable characteristics of guerrilla warfare, Guevara said, was that its practitioners would be outnumbered by their enemies.
IT'S hilarious," a friend said about a BBC sitcom called Outnumbered.
IF you haven't seen either of the first two series of Outnumbered, you've yet to have the pleasure of the Brockman family.