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The President, who had formally announced the termination of peace negotiations with communists, said the New People's Army (NPA) could not outpower government forces because they were outnumbered and lacking in machinery.
Labour grassroots group Momentum said about 15,000 turned up to oppose Mr Robinson's march, claiming opponents "vastly" outnumbered the Ukip-led demonstrators nearly five to one.
"Between the end of the last series of Outnumbered in 2014 and the Christmas A-special in 2016, they didn't actually see each other for two years.
In this year's Democratic primary, grandchildren outnumbered grandparents, with voters under the age of 40 outnumbering those over the age of 70.
They're on a mission to assist a local warlord in taking a strategically important city and, in the grand tradition of General Custer, they find themselves outnumbered 5000-1 and facing missile launchers and tanks.
According to the data of the State Election Commission, at the end of April this year, the sixth electoral district outnumbered the threshold of 5 percent with 314.345 citizens.
What was the origin of Outnumbered? We had news across the day that was broken up into single-anchor, dual-anchor shows.
OUTNUMBERED (BBC One, Wednesday, 9pm) PREPARE to laugh and cry at the Brockmans one last time as Pete rails against his phone's voice recognition software.
OUTNUMBERED (9pm BBC One) DON'T worry - they haven't recast Karen!
When the Brockman family return for the fifth and final series of Outnumbered, the secret of the comedy's unexpected success is quite clear to the grown-ups involved.
United Nations peacekeepers and Malian soldiers outnumbered voters in the northern city of Gao after polling stations opened Sunday.