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Founded upon three pillars for successful social and mobile game development, Outplay Entertainment is focused on delivering the following:
Social Games by Design - From the initial concept stages through launch, Outplay will weave social features into every game design.
Games Playable Anywhere - Outplay games are designed to allow players to continue their experience wherever they may be, whether on a mobile device or at a desktop.
Skill Based Gaming - Outplay believes that players have much more fun and play for longer when there is some form of skill to learn and to master.
To assist with their ambitious publishing plans, Outplay has appointed Karen Thomson as Non-Executive Chair to serve in an advisory capacity, having built up a wealth of experience in previous roles such as President of AOL Europe, Online Business Unit Director for Vodafone and most recently as Non-Executive Director for UBM.
I chose to join the Outplay board because I believe Douglas and Richard have the vision, passion, drive and experience to create huge business opportunities as well as fantastic entertainment properties," said Karen Thomson, non-executive chair for Outplay.
Social and mobile gaming have only begun to show their full potential, and I believe Outplay are well positioned to become a major player in the industry," said Randy Breen, non-executive director of Outplay.
We bounced back from Lord's to show we can compete with the best in the world and outplay them.