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In addition, Maali confirmed that Israeli settlers had established a new settlement outpost on the Palestinian land belonging to the villagers.
On Monday, the MMDA demolished the outpost of Barangay 79 Zone 10 after its officials failed to heed the agency's warning to remove the structure at the corner of Cuneta Avenue and Taft Avenue Extension.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 15 ( ANI ): Two people were injured after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sardar Tara Singh's car rammed into a police outpost in Mumbai's Bhandup area.
In exchange for undisclosed financial terms, Takeda has granted an exclusive license to Outpost for the worldwide development and commercialization rights to OP-233 (formerly TAK-233), a clinical-stage product candidate being studied for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.
You would think that the outpost, protected by armored vehicles, was in enemy territory.
While the Israeli Defence Ministry is scheduled to begin the works on the new route, without the prior removal of the newly established outpost, the construction of the new barrier would not be possible.
GAZA, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- Jewish settlers have constructed two new West Bank outposts with utilities, according to a report released by the left-wing Israeli Peace Now movement, publicized on Wednesday through local Israeli media.
According to a timetable submitted to the High Court, the government is to have demolished the Givat Asam outpost by the end of the year, as well as parts of three others: Givat HaRoeh, Ramat Gilad and Bnei Adam.
Security forces launched a wide-scale operation in the region after terrorists attacked on a military outpost in Hakkari's Semdinli town early on Saturday.
TILL a few years ago, the building that was the police outpost in Bariyarpur, a village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, could have made cattle take pride in their lodgings.
When the reporter inquires what the settlers will do if a nearby outpost is dismantled, Araleh exclaims that they (the government) will not destroy it, and then adds "they might destroy a little shack in the outpost to send pictures to the nigger in the United States.
The Border Service of Kyrgyzstan today reported on the illegal actions of Uzbek border guards, who on March 17, illegally put up a border outpost in a disputed area near the border detachment Shamalduusai in Kyrgyzstan.