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I have been at the outposts today and it is impossible to say where his chief forces are situated," said Prince Andrew.
Accompanied by a titled Englishwoman whom he had rescued from a frightful fate, and his identity vouched for by her as that of a Frenchman by the name of Frecoult, he had looked forward, and not without reason, to the active assistance of the British from the moment that he came in contact with their first outpost.
Cautiously and after infinite patience Tarzan passed the final outpost.
It is true that Henry had stationed an outpost upon the summit of the hill in advance of Lewes, but so lax was discipline in his army that the soldiers, growing tired of the duty, had abandoned the post toward morning, and returned to town, leaving but a single man on watch.
That same day he came to a little cabin by the beach, and his heart filled with renewed hope as he saw this evidence of the proximity of civilization, for he thought it but the outpost of a nearby settlement.
By conscience and courage, by deeds of devotion and daring, he soon commended himself to his fellows and his officers; and it was to these qualities and to some knowledge of the country that he owed his selection for his present perilous duty at the extreme outpost.
Thus Constantinople was the Christian outpost of Europe.
That they were the outpost of some pow-erful black nation seemed likely, yet where the seat of that nation lay I could not guess.
Beyond this again was gently rising country, on which was the first English outpost, supported by others which lay, however, considerably in its rear.
To the east the road swept backwards into the wilds, and some two miles along it was the next English outpost.
Without premeditation, without sorrow, without rejoicing, and almost without noticing it, I stepped into the very different atmosphere of "An Outpost of Progress.
An Outpost of Progress" is the lightest part of the loot I carried off from Central Africa, the main portion being of course "The Heart of Darkness.