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It was pitiful for a person born in a whole- some free atmosphere to listen to their humble and hearty outpourings of loyalty toward their king and Church and nobility; as if they had any more occasion to love and honor king and Church and noble than a slave has to love and honor the lash, or a dog has to love and honor the stranger that kicks him!
To me there was something unspeakably uncomfortable in the solemn dead silences that always followed this old person's tremendous outpourings of his feelings.
It was always for the sake of that particular scene that Newland Archer went to see "The Shaughraun." He thought the adieux of Montague and Ada Dyas as fine as anything he had ever seen Croisette and Bressant do in Paris, or Madge Robertson and Kendal in London; in its reticence, its dumb sorrow, it moved him more than the most famous histrionic outpourings.
He is feeling terribly just now -- I have to listen to his outpourings every day -- but he'll get over it.
A few commonplace letters--yet they caused him to know in himself a lack that sweetly hurt and that expressed itself in vague spiritual outpourings and delicious yearnings.
Without taking much notice of these outpourings of Miss Miggs after she had made her first announcement in relation to the gun, the crowd raised a ladder against the window where the locksmith stood, and notwithstanding that he closed, and fastened, and defended it manfully, soon forced an entrance by shivering the glass and breaking in the frames.
A GRIEVING family has thanked Huddersfield Grammar School staff and parents for their 'outpouring of love and care' following a tragedy in Pakistan a year ago.
They also thanked people for the "outpouring of love and support shown to those affected at this difficult time".
"In the week since the unprecedented terror attack there has been an outpouring of grief and love in our country.
'I thank the state for the outpouring of genuine grief; I call for more prayers for the family, especially during this period.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI): Sonali Bendre is 'overwhelmed to receive outpouring love' after she revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer.
AN "outpouring of grief" on Twitter has become the norm when any celebrity dies these days.