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But it's also unfair that people's lives are destroyed because their thinking isn't in line with the current trend of the Outraged.
Passers-by were "disgusted and outraged by what they saw", magistrates heard.
But what has outraged me, is the fact that such evil scum were allowed to come here in the first place.
is acutely felt, significant parts of the public would be outraged as
Are they outraged about the staff shortages in this sector, with the fact in some rest-homes these people might only have two showers a week?
A woman was cleared yesterday of causing public outrage by keeping a disorderly house ( after prosecutors failed to produce anyone who had been outraged.
Ms Bell, 40, denied the allegation, and the case was dropped when no witnesses would come to say they had been outraged.
The public were outraged, not because of his suffering but because the press were barred.
If you think the Times' editorial division would be outraged to see the business side trampling the Little Guy, you probably haven't been following the political evolution of the nation's leading newspapers.
Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi on Monday condemned the killing of the head of the Iraqi Governing Council, saying the Japanese government is outraged by such an act.
Most Americans were outraged, and some called for war against Germany.
Shocked and outraged, the congregation becomes a lynch mob.