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OUTRAGE. A grave injury; a serious wrong. This is a generic word which is applied to everything, which is injurious, in great degree, to the honor or rights of another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As for the opposition who were outraged by the deal, they can claim honorable defeat after wringing a few concessions from "the evil corporation."
(He said their government was very outraged. They will do all possible means to bring the accused to justice.)
If this isn't a direct attack what is?"Sources confirm that while protests were mulled over the first weekend, the fact that the Islamists had given it a pass, because the film had really really outraged the Rajputs as reported by The Dependent last week.However, now reports coming in that weeks into Padmaavat's release the radical Rajput groups are actually getting the hang of how the film actually glorifies them, mean that the Pakistan film producers have the opening to orchestrate the needed outrage.
And now that force is at full strength in Britain 2016 as the massed ranks of the Outraged march through Facebook and Twitter.
Passers-by were "disgusted and outraged by what they saw", magistrates heard.
That is why so many people are outraged by this destruction of an important wildlife habitat.
Coun Deirdre Alden said: "Commuters will be rightly outraged that it has taken until now for this to come out "
Yet, for all the outrage, Bergmann is remarkably light on what to do about any of these issues beyond being outraged by them.
KJ Dell Antonia, a lead blogger of the New York Times in her piece "What Will You Do in the Name of Malala?" said she was outraged to get the news about masked Taliban gunmen attacking a 14-year-old girl for publicly speaking out about her desire for education.
Outraged news reports in America called the billboard 'Repulsive,' 'disgusting,' and 'bypassing tasteless.'
"The moment is approaching when the decision will be taken out of the hands of the politicians in Athens," he notes, adding that election results so far "very much suggest Greece is heading fast towards the whirlpool of disorderly default." Voters are outraged over corruption and waste that paved the way for the fiscal crisis, but lenders are equally outraged about Greek irresponsibility.
LABOUR leader Ed Miliband said he was "outraged" that News Corporation executives were being criticised for co-operating with the police over claims of corrupt payments to public officials.