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OUTRAGE. A grave injury; a serious wrong. This is a generic word which is applied to everything, which is injurious, in great degree, to the honor or rights of another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The United States should deliberate and think over the consequences its outrageous acts might have on the future development," Kim was quoted as saying.
Toulouse's Lucas Tauzin with the outrageous offload without looking for Maxime Medard's try against Racing 92
Aside from her own outrageous travel demands, when Camilla accepts invitations to dinner parties she sends the host a list of food that she likes and dislikes.
Labour MP Margaret Hodge said it was "absolutely outrageous that Facebook's UK tax bill is 0.62% of their revenue".
And failure to pay their arbitrary and outrageous bills subjects the customers to embarrassing disconnections.
Coming back to Bitcoin, Saxo's outrageous experts see the crypto peaking in 2018 above $60,000.
Only 500 Sennas will be made but the outrageous price tag will put plenty of dosh into McLaren's current account.
This is outrageous. You can complain to the Legal Ombudsman about claims managers, so don't suffer in silence!
'Sometimes he says outrageous things, but beyond the outrageous things that he says actually are gems,' he said.
British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday it was "utterly outrageous" that football's governing body FIFA will not allow English and Scottish footballers to wear armbands featuring poppies during their World Cup qualifier on Nov.
A STAR of smash-hit TV show First Dates - who fled to Birmingham following a brutal homophobic attack - is set to star in a new Channel 5 documentary about the most outrageous people in the UK.