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The novel romps through outrageously fantastic situations, sometimes frighteningly gruesome, but finally settles when the values of friendship, trust and love are restored.
Yesterday Mr Trickett said: "The Boundary Commission have behaved outrageously in their review of West Yorkshire and the fight to hold them to account will go on.
Smooth, sneaking up on outrageously multitudinous pirouettes and melting back again into "oh-it's-nothing" cool.
What's more, plants don't deserve their reputation of being outrageously promiscuous, breeding across species boundaries, because some animals can do so even more freely.
says Roger Bart, who plays the outrageously gay "common-law assistant" to Gary Beach's hack theater director in the movie version of the Broadway smash The Producers.
the Commerce Clause) in order to uphold outrageously unconstitutional legislation.
Myleene Klass, 27, and Cheryl Tweedy, 22, flirted outrageously with the rapper as they were introducing him on the show.
Adding insult to injury, the article then labels the tone of my remarks on this subject as "anti-Catholic"--a characterization hat I find both deeply offensive and outrageously irresponsible.
DESPITE many pubs banning happy hour promotions because of fears of binge drinking, others are still offering outrageously cheap drink.
But alter these misfires failed, they simply retooled their ideas, removed some of the more outrageously bad science and sent it out there, hoping some school district somewhere would take the bait.
Guille grooms her friend and adjusts her costume, shows a fondness for flowers--in her hair, in her mouth, hiding her face--and offers her ample thigh as a pillow for Belinda, who mugs outrageously for the camera, dons fake nails and swimming goggles, blows bubbles through a straw at goldfish in a tank, and, in two memorable images, traverses a barbed-wire fence to stand in a field in a kind of Cat in the Hat bandleader outfit pointing a stick at a pig.