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A close second, or actually at the same level of outrageousness, is his repeated assertion that he faithfully observes the rule of law.
Beneath the outrageousness, there's clear affection for the characters.
My name is Safaree; I have to match the outrageousness of my name and my personality," he explained.
The outrageousness of putting NGO workers on trial for providing legitimate legal assistance to a citizen in need has been exacerbated by the fact that the courts are clearly being used by the government to pursue a political agenda.
A seeming outrageousness makes many new religious movements interesting for both scholars and the public.
The Donald's TV ego and its outrageousness, which he's displaying in his joyride of a presidential race reality show, are branded in the entertainment catchphrase: "You're fired.
We want flambuoyancy, outrageousness, totallyout-there, in-your-face, crazy cool.
This fall, models stomped down the runways sporting seriously stunning facial embellishments of all shapes, sizes--and levels of outrageousness.
And really, you only have to listen to a song such as the fast-paced "Sucky Laundromat'' to get a sense of the sense of outrageousness and fun that make this band have such staying power.
While there was plenty of laughter along the way - and after all the 51-year-old has made a career from cheeky outrageousness and a raisedeyebrow, pursed-lipped collusion with the camera - there was also a perhaps surprising amount of genuine seriousness, thoughtfulness and candour in his answers.
Given our successes (see our reporting on some of those topics in this issue), and the fact that blowhard rhetoric is news primarily because of its sheer disconnected outrageousness, it's plain to me that setbacks, though real and in need of guarding against, are just temporary.
McCarthy's unique combination of intelligence, outrageousness, unpredictability and humor will have her audience hooked and laughing along with the exceptional lineup of comedic guests.