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OUTRAGE. A grave injury; a serious wrong. This is a generic word which is applied to everything, which is injurious, in great degree, to the honor or rights of another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It may not have much to do with the plot, but the opening scene in a crematorium sets the tone for much of the hilarity to follow, perfectly matching expressionless faces and tone with moments of jaw-dropping outrageousness.
Even small details, like Ranvir's taste for death-defying sports, become important plot points, mitigating the sheer outrageousness of several developments.
The delightfully impish outrageousness of Rosa von Praunheim turns to more serious contemplation of his origins in the Latvian helmer's engrossing family docu, "Two Mothers." Told in 2000 by his 94-year-old mother that he was adopted at an orphanage in Riga, von Praunheim sets out to track down his natural parents.
Taking on the burden of pic's outrageousness in high old style, Tasha Smith portrays Angela, an accomplished (if often sloshed), loudmouthed businesswoman who never lets a little thing like civility interfere with her take-no-prisoners candor.
Still, this anything-goes exercise isn't dull--one just wishes the outrageousness were more consistently funny.
It's a tall order, to be sure; in an ideal world, it might have combined the conceptual outrageousness of '80s Almodovar with the Spanish master's more recent filmmaking smarts.
Seemingly stream-of-consciousness, a la "Hellzapoppin' "and Monty Python, pic packs a near-surreal mix of outrageousness and deadpan, expertly packaged by director Wain.
A bun in the oven forces man-child Zach Braff to leave New York and get a real job at his father-in-law's Ohio ad agency in "Fast Track," a half-baked comedy torn between sincere emotion and over-the-top outrageousness. As if adjusting to a white-collar job weren't challenging enough, the young man must endure a mentor who turns out to be his wife's paraplegic high school flame.
Innocuous despite stabs at outrageousness, the pic will prove more suitable as an eventual small-screen item.
The good news is that Monica can sing, but one number in particular, on the operating table with dancing masked surgeons whirling through dry ice, recalls Rosa yon Praunheim at his campiest, minus the self-conscious sense of outrageousness.
Just to complete the image of outrageousness, he has rowed more than once with his onetime Nice manager Patrick Vieira.
The fact that he was unsuccessful in these efforts has no impact on their outrageousness. These charges are so well-founded and serious that during Mueller's testimony, Republican questioners paid almost no attention to them.