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Praxis eclipsed Epic and outranked all other EHR systems.
Though officially outranked by the secretary of state, Marshall had to insist that Acheson follow protocol and enter a room before him.
In the second study, "Evaluation of the Functionality of Subscription and Free Online Drug Information Databases" by Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology earned the highest score for scope and also outranked the competition by achieving the highest overall composite score which integrated scope, completeness and ease of use based on 15 categories of questions.
Namely, it outranked the sedan in three different safety ratings performed by the NHTSA.
Only the New York metropolitan area outranked Southern California in net domestic-migration losses.
The researchers managed to track down the biological father of most of these youngsters, and 11 out of 15 outranked the guy at the home nest.
However, apartments outranked "build-to-suit" as the most attractive investment opportunity
Major US Wireless Competitors Outranked for Customer Support Satisfaction
Gilmore Girls,'' the acclaimed seriocomic series about a wisecracking mother and daughter, has routinely outranked ``Buffy'' throughout the season.
In terms of age, she outranked her competitors by 12 or 13 years.
In 2006, for the first time, WiFi outranked dial-up as the number one mode of remote access, and did so by a healthy margin.